Thermal Survey of Heating Systems
Nobody likes to waste money yet so many people do, by living with underperforming heating systems and energy inefficient homes.
Blockages and silted up systems and boilers - By using our thermal imaging cameras, we are able to conduct a survey of your heating system, detect blockages within it or even within the boiler itself and advise on ways to combat them and improve efficiency.
Heat and energy loss - Our thermal cameras can identify the sources of heat loss from your property and advise you on how to minimise them and save on your energy bills.
The images below illustrate, on the left, the amount of heat radiated and therefore lost, from a typical unlagged hot water cylinder. The picture on the right illustrates a radiator that is partially silted up at the bottom and is consequently underperforming.
The beauty of thermal imaging is that in the case of central heating systems, it can show in real time evidence of sludge build up in radiators .It can also confirm the effectiveness of any remedial treatment, such as powerflushing
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