In our line of work, it is inevitable that we get called out to locate the source of water leaks or even advise on the possible cause of areas of damp.
To the householder, few things can be more disturbing than a water leak, particularly those hidden ones, where localised damage or staining has occurred but where there is no apparent
culprit. Often the only immediate recourse is to dig up floors or disturb walls in order to find the fault, this can be expensive, destructive and without assurance that the leak will be found.
We specialise in using low intrusion methods of leak detection, thereby minimising disturbance to the dwelling.
We are able to successfully locate leaks in :
- Water supply pipes
-Underfloor heating circuits
-Central heating pipework
.....and more.
Thermal Imaging
Our thermal imaging cameras enable us to locate concealed pipework and pinpoint the source of any leaks, essentially the cameras convert the thermal data of an object into an image, and are highly sensitive in fact to a 1/10 of a degree, and so able to detect the temperature differential between a pipe and the surrounding material and so show it on screen.
(The picture on the right is of a plastic waste pipe running under a timber and laminate floor that was tracked by thermal camera to to find the the sight of a blockage)
High Performance Acoustic Leak Detector
A highly sensitive microphone and amplifier combination, which can be selectively tuned to pick up the sounds of undergound water leaks and pinpoint them. Particularly good for external mains
Listening Stick
Low-tech and old school maybe, but still a very useful piece of equipment, requiring no setting up, heat-insensitive and independent of any power supply
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