Servicing of Unvented Hot Water Systems
Due to the nature of unvented hot water systems and the plethora of safety devices on them, it is no surprise that manufacturers suggest that they be annually serviced by an appropriately qualified engineer
1. Make sure all of your safety valves are operating correctly. A tundish is provided as an additional safety measure should the relief pipe work become blocked. Water must run to drain without backing up to the tundish for the full test period.
2. Make sure that all the components fitted are as the manufacturer intended, check that the installation was installed as per building regulations & that it has not been modified out with the manufacturers guidelines.
Manufacturers include HeatraeSadia & Vaillant
3. Check & clean your filter.
The safety valves will be damaged from any debris entering them so filters are important to safe operation.
These need to be checked each year. You may not notice a deterioration in performance as it will happen gradually but a blocked filter will seriously effect your flow rates & defeat the object of having an unvented cylinder.
4. Check & re-establish the air-bubble in a bubble top cylinder or pressure check the expansion vessel & correct as necessary. (Picture top right)
The safety features & valves of this great system is what enables us to benefit from hot water at mains pressure. It does need annual maintenance to ensure optimum safety & performance.
5. Complete maintenance records for the system.
WARNING: Anyone working on Unvented Hot Water systems in the UK needs to have the current qualifications issued by BPEC. Though entirely safe when installed & serviced by competent engineers, these large vessels contain Hot Water. Mandatory safety valves are provide to make sure that whatever happens, the water cannot boil under pressurised conditions. If these valves are not functioning correctly a very dangerous & explosive set of situations can develop.
We are more than happy to do this for you, such a service will:
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