To avoid the limitations of a combi boiler, many homeowners are inclined toward the installation of a system boiler, A system boiler (sometimes known as a 'sealed system') provides central heating and hot water via a storage cylinder housed in an airing cupboard. Although this might seem like a retrograde step the cylinder in question is more often than not of unvented type(more).
Advantages of Combination Boilers
They are suitable for smaller flats or houses
Hot water is delivered on demand at near mains pressure.
They often cost less to install than conventional boilers and cause less disturbance during installation.
The space a hot water tank and cold header tank would have occupied can be utilised for a different purpose.
Disadvantages of Combination Boilers
The hot water delivery rate can be slower.
Diminished flow rate if two taps are run at the same time.
An electric immersion heater cannot be installed as a back up.
Installation is more expensive if you already have a hot water tank.
Boiler Repairs
We carry out boiler repairs to most makes and models.
Before commencement of any work we are more than willing to give you an estimate of how much a repair will cost.
If you've already had a quote for a boiler repair we are quite happy to come out and offer our opinion.
Though we are more than content to install the make of boiler that you, the customer desire; we tend to recommend products by Vaillant or Worcester Bosch our experience these manufacturers offer the best combination of performance, reliability, cost and spares availability.
No matter how reliable a boiler is, it will at some time require parts replacement, and we have often in the past found that spares are not always readily available for some of the cheaper or more esoteric products. It's neither convenient for the customer nor for us to be advised that the part will be in stock in "about a weeks time".
Again, due to the relative complexity of modern boilers, it makes sense to have them regularly serviced in accordance with the manufacturers requirements.
An annual service, particularly in the case of an older appliance can often give advance warning of an incipient problem, or it can confirm whether or not the appliance is operating efficiently. Most important of all, a proper service will ensure that the appliance is not dangerous to use.
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