What is a Saniflo macerating unit?
To "macerate" is to soften, to break in pieces. A Saniflo macerator uses a rotating cutting blade to liquefy human waste and toilet paper. When mixed with flushing water the waste is pumped into a sanitary sewer as a fine slurry.
Installing a bathroom where you want can often be difficult and sometimes even apparently impossible. The main drainpipe is either too far away, or the new bathroom or sink will be lower than the drainpipe, making conventional installation unworkable.
A Saniflo’s macerator units solve these problems, because they can grind and pump waste over a distance of 150 feet and up to a height of 18 feet. These systems automatically activate when required to reduce effluent to a slurry and pump it away to the soil stack, septic tank or sewer through small diameter (typically 22mm) discharge pipes.
There are various models of Saniflo unit available, depending essentially upon the type of device(s) that will be served by it.
Although the majority of homeowners use them purely in conjunction with a W.C. they can also be used to work with kitchen sinks, showers or dishwashers in fact virtually any domestic appliance that has a waste outlet.
Saniflo are not the only manufacturer of macerator units on the market, but in our opinion they are the best.
Should you require any advice or a quote for the fitting, servicing or repair of a Saniflo (or other) macerator unit then please do not hesitate to call us.
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